Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

V2Cigs electronic cigarettes have gained popularity and are considered one of the best e cigarette brands on the market due to their advanced functionality with many features that optimise their performance. The devices come equipped with starter kits, batteries, cartridges, atomiser, and also come with different flavours of cartridge solution. You have a choice of different flavours for the solution to inhale, and you also have varying amounts of nicotine concentration to choose from.

An electronic cigarette allows the user to inhale the solution that has been heated in the cartridge by the atomiser, and the atomiser is activated by the battery. The cigarette, unlike the conventional tobacco cigarette, is odourless and less harmful due to fewer chemicals included. With V2Cigs, you get to choose a completely 0% of nicotine solution that could enable you to leave smoking nicotine at all as an addictive chemical.

Electronic cigarette batteries

The battery activates the device so that the solution of any flavour in the cartridge can be heated. As it is heated, the user can inhale the vapour solution to give that smoking sensation. V2Cigs batteries are in the device to power the atomiser so that it can heat the cartridge. The batteries are available as automatic and manual. By puffing on the automatic batteries, they will be activated whereas the manual batteries have got a button to activate them.

V2Cigs come with starter kits

A good review of V2Cigs Pro Series three Starter Kit would have to talk about how the starter kits come with everything you need to get you started with smokefree inhalation. The first choice you have is to choose between a manual and automatic battery to heat up the device. There are also flavours to choose for the cartridge. These flavours are 10 in number, so the choice is yours to start now having a smokeless cigarette. The batteries of V2Cigs are rechargeable with the USB charger with the wall adapter included in the starter kit. Everything that you need to get started with the device is included in the starter kit.


  1. GainGamma Productions

    November 7, 2013

    Post a Reply

    Anyone more interested in vape? Check out the trailer for our new
    documentary on our channel! Thanks!

  2. FreedumFries

    November 11, 2013

    Post a Reply

    Love the channel man, I’m a gaming channel, but recently stopped smoking
    and I’m really digging the Vapor community lol. question I’m looking for a
    great. affordable place to get a good amount of eliquid/juice. any

  3. Henry Homes

    November 29, 2013

    Post a Reply

    Cool thing about V-cigs is, you only need about three hits for 1 hour! In
    Earope we have “wanna-vape”, not bad at all! (40 yrs on the Phillip -Morris
    train . . .)

  4. TC Vaper

    December 2, 2013

    Post a Reply

    wazzup vape guru? lol have u ever tried ego-green juice? its german n
    reaaaalllyyy awesome in taste! :) the watermelon is my fav fasho! u shud
    try it though. grtz TC

  5. jooper99

    December 12, 2013

    Post a Reply

    Stop looking deep into my eyes when taking a hit. It’s creepy. :)

  6. Braxton Todd

    January 8, 2014

    Post a Reply

    you must of had one hell of a buzz at the end of this video lol

  7. Ace Valintino

    January 14, 2014

    Post a Reply

    Can you tell me which one would be the most comparable to Marlboro Menthol
    100’s? I don’t have the time or money to spend finding out this info right

    Thank You

  8. EramElric

    January 23, 2014

    Post a Reply

    Absolutely great video man. I’ve been looking for one like this for awhile.

  9. Stan Stone

    January 23, 2014

    Post a Reply

    thanks for review… very down to earth… I am a strong menthol smoker and
    using a Fresh Choice Tobacco $600 rolling machine… Got to get away from
    tobacco… does anyone sell a mixture of ecigs so you can try them all a
    little? Guess I am just waiting for someone to say this one here… done
    deal… Is vaping tobacco a good plan? thanks for any advice from

  10. Lexi Prowse

    February 11, 2014

    Post a Reply

    I prefer Nicocure honestly. I looked into a lot of electronic cigarette
    companies and this one seemed the cheapest and had the best reviews. I
    carry it around with me everywhere, so convenient. I even made a video on
    my channel talking a little more of my story with Nicocure :)

  11. maurice lawrence

    March 27, 2014

    Post a Reply

    Did anyone see the flame that came off of the eversmoke that would make me
    think twice about using that brand

  12. ytugtbk

    April 25, 2014

    Post a Reply

    Hope you fix the audio on future recordings. It obnoxiously fluctuates
    between too much bass then too much treble all with a tinny sound.

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